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Hey yall!  So im stoked its Friday, the weekends here!!!!  Doesn’t change much in my life, but now my friends actually have days off so i can go do something! Last night we went to the fair it was so awesome, went on some scary rides, i talk a bit more detailed about in my personal blog in my site…and got a new seahakws hoodie hell yeah!  Its white n cute and i love it!  Got some cute lil bracelets too made of Jade which apparently is good luck, so go me!  So anyway i had a pretty eventfull thursday, and now its friday and i cant wait to see what unfolds this weekend, its still sunny out so were gunna try n have a bon fire at the river tonight which would be awesome, we havent stayed and ahd a bonfire yet, roasted marshmellows, good friends, and reminisce about the summer…..hope it pans out for sure!  Well have a great weekend guys!
~xoxo K


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