They’re awesome!  Come check em out!  Lots of new features, plus better versions of the old, its really cool, i like em!  So i haven’t blogged here in a bit, been slightly busy, always am this time of year for some reason.  But ill be fixing that starting now!  Got a new job that takes up a bunch of time, and going back to school soon will take time as well, but all the rest if for the gnd fans!  So come check it all out, im sure you wont be disappointed, im thinking ill be back camming within a week, gotta figure it all out still, but im stoked!  Let yall know what the schedule is soon as i get it for sure!  Ive missed camming definitely, cant wait to chat n hang n meet anyone new who hasn’t been in a show yet!  So yeah, ill try n remember to post here as well, i save all the goodies for my personal blog though….gotta be a member to read up there hehe….and see exclusive pics n stuff like that.  Come check out whats been going on!  Lots of sexy time ahead hehe!
~xoxo K