8pm pacific time is my camshow yo!  So u gunna be there?  You better be!!!!!  Hehe i missed last weeks due to being with the sickness (so not down with that)  But now im back, fully recouped and ready to play!  Not so sure what ill be upto but itll be greatness for real!  So i hope to see yall there, OH!  And be sure to check out my site and see the latest video update, lil vid i made for yall to enjoy, plenty more to come for real!  Are you excited??  Hehe i am!  Heres a few cam pics i got from Sat. night before going to a Toga party……
~xoxo K


Lol, dunno why im so peppy today haha, something about the ring of humpday does that too me i guess ;)   So….Hope everyones week is going well, and your enjoying all the lovelyness over here at gnd!  If not ur crazy!  Get on it!  I was bored a few minutes ago and decided to take a few snaps on my webcam before i go run errands haha….hopefully no one will mind im wearing this about town, but its nice out, and why not right?  Hope you enjoy…..also theres like 20+ more of these lil snaps in the gnd forums, for your viewing pleasure, not a set or anything, just me playing around…there bigger too btw ;)   Well hope yall have a great rest of the week!  Enjoy the sun!  Enjoy some boobs!  Laterz~
~xoxo K


just like i promised woo!! i havent done one of these in forever hey!!  i donno bout u guys but i rly like how the pics turn out when i shoot with a friend.. that way i can get like my whole body in the pic instead of like just my boobs or somethin lol not sayin theres ne thing wrong with that!! but here are a few sneek peeks like i promised….

gnd-cali-044-026.jpg gnd-cali-044-027.jpg gnd-cali-044-032.jpg

huge pics hey??? yup all my pics r this big or even bigger in my site .. totally  huge.  i think most of the gnd girls have massive pics in their sites tho, n we’re all hot so u should grab a gndpass so u can have access to all of us!! and it costs the same as a lot of other sites with just one girl jees, how can u go wrong? ;)



yup gettin ready to go out tonite with the giiiirls yup n found my camera and thought hmm gonna take some pics!! heres a few.. o click for the big size

gnd-cali-candid-pictures-1.jpg gnd-cali-candid-pictures-2.jpg gnd-cali-candid-pictures-3.jpg
gnd-cali-candid-pictures-4.jpg gnd-cali-candid-pictures-5.jpg


happy hump day!!! u know what that means… the week is half over woot woot!! that doesnt rly matter for me tho cuz i work on the weekends usually sooo today is like my monday lol.  neway i took some pics when i was gettin ready for work.. i am supposed to leave in like n hour but i was bored n played with the settings on my cam.. what do u think??


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