It is with great pleasure that I tell you that GNDmonroe.com is now live if you are a GNDpass.com member! The site is brand new and will be open for credit card sales in the next week or so, but in the mean time if you’re a GNDpass member, you get in ahead of the masses!

With the addition of this site, it brings us to nine total GND sites that you get access to for one low price.

  1. www.gndpass.com
  2. www.gndmodels.com
  3. www.gndzips.com
  4. www.clubgnd.com
  5. www.gndcali.com
  6. www.gnddavia.com
  7. www.gndkayla.com
  8. www.gndmonroe.com
  9. www.gndsadie.com

You could pay $19.99 per site, or you can pay $29.99 for all nine sites. Tough call there, don’t you think?

Also, as of next week we’ll be adding our tenth GND site, GNDcams.com for live webcam chatting wtih many of the GND girls!

Click here to grab yourself a GNDpass if you haven’t yet!


GNDKayla.com just got an update, and wow.. this girl makes you forget english!  Kayla has some great assets that she loves showing off, but you can only find her in GNDKayla.com!  She’ll soon be jumping on her webcam, so sign up now so you have instant access when she does!  Click here to check out her site, or grab a GNDPass to have instant access to the whole gndnetwork!