Hehe i did in my last video!  Lol i just had to share it with yall who arent in the know, its hot, im naked, and playing with my fave pink dildo….cum check it out!  Preview:

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8pm pacific time is my camshow yo!  So u gunna be there?  You better be!!!!!  Hehe i missed last weeks due to being with the sickness (so not down with that)  But now im back, fully recouped and ready to play!  Not so sure what ill be upto but itll be greatness for real!  So i hope to see yall there, OH!  And be sure to check out my site and see the latest video update, lil vid i made for yall to enjoy, plenty more to come for real!  Are you excited??  Hehe i am!  Heres a few cam pics i got from Sat. night before going to a Toga party……
~xoxo K


ok so i made a little vid for my members of me being a dork and dancing in my room.. u gotta b a member to see it tho, check it out in my blog if u r a member!!  if ur not but you’d like to be check out my site, click here! or be a smartie pants and grab a gndpass because pass members get access to every gnd girl.. and were all smokin hot ladiezzz!  <3 hope too cu in there :)



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Hehe i think that titles actually stuck in my head cause its a dominos pizza promo but tuesdays lol….i watch too much t.v….anywho, today was a vid and pic update yay!  So go check it out!  Also if u missed last nights show its also archived hehe, was alot of fun, thnx to everyone who made it!!!  Well now, onto the goodies!
Hehe looks hot right??  Way more so in moving action!  Well hope yall have an awesome thursday and enjoy the sets!!  Ill be camming tommorow as well 5pm pacific time!!  Be there!