Sup yall??

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So sorry ive been kinda m.i.a. in the forums n stuff this past week and i didnt have any cam shows going on, ive been stuck house hunting n getting ready to move at the end of the month, i really hope i find a place id hate to get stuck crashing on someones couch till something opens up so ive been in a bit of a panic hah….anywho, ive got a show tomorrow and fri. so yall better be there and my update last week was really hot if i do say so, my tribute to my past fave basketball team the sonics…..who soon im sure will be no more :( sad!  but i did em right n wore and well stripped out of my fave payton jersey hehe….definatly looks hotter on me!  Unless ur into middle aged toned dark skinned basketball players….mmmmmm hehe well um uh, we both look hot in it i suppose ;)   OK! So i better see yall in my show tomorrow and FRIDAY! AND…..Come chat with me n the forums!  Its loads of fun!
~xoxo K


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