Wednesday is the update day for and WOW her members will be impressed this week, we sure were when we saw what Sadie sent in!  Sadie started off shy and reserved, and with no time she’s bustin’ loose and having a great time!  This video definitely shows that, wow!  If you aren’t yet a member, click here to visit, or grab a gndpass to have instant access to EVERY gnd site!



Popsicle yum yum

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Hey kitties!
Today was my day for an update on ..and my video includes: Me & and a popsicle. Simple I know, but hey, tasted good! Yumm yum it was sour jolly rancher. ^_^ Think i’ll get me another one of those lol. Doing this vid was easy for me ;) and fun. If you have a request for a video dont be shy! I need ideas for new stuff.

Soon my blog in my site is going to be up and running, so look forward to hearing the juicy gossip of Sadie’s life muahaha. I’m liking how its not going to be censored, so I can get down to the dirty stuff. Oh! And the best part….I decided that I’m going to have a lot more nudity in my site…so look forward to that also kitties <3

-Sadie XoXo