So….Most of you know me as Kayla, but some of you remember my lil knick name from before Camerella….gets people a little confused.  Lemme tell yah a story taht may clear things up.  Camerella isnt a name, its more like an alter-ego, when im being a bad girl, or doing something naughty, i blame Camerella….Now Kayla, thats my actual name!  Like you know drivers liscense/signature on forms sorta thing.  And since my website was like my personal site, i take al lmy own pics n vids i was like you know what, im gunna quit hiding behind my alter ego, and just be me!  Hehe no excuses when im a bad girl, i just am ;)   So no i didnt ditch Camerella, shes still in there, and i didnt change my name, i just am letting yall get to know the real me, through and through.  Camerella will always be my bad girl alter ego, and still my nick name of course, but yeah just thought id explain that one…..i actually thought up the name years ago i had to hae been about 15 and i seen the cartoon on spike tv called stripperella it was about Pamela Anderson in cartoon form and she went around fighting crime with her boobs….i was like well dang how cool is that!  So i was thinking well im on cam not in a strip club, so hello hello Camerella was born muah ha ha ha! Hehe, anywho, Hope yall get it now, and like dont think well why did she change her name n all that cause like i said, it wasnt a name yah know?  Hope yall like me just as much as Kayla, the real me!

Oh also, got a webcam show tonight guys from 9pm-10pm pacific time…..end this wonderful wednesday right (it is humpday!)  Hope to see yall there!!!!


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